Career Services

Host a UCF Student for a Short-Term Job Shadowing Experience

Career Services invites employers, alumni, and parents to host UCF student(s) for a short-term job shadowing experience for the spring 2017 UCF Job Shadow Program, May 8-12, 2017. Hosts design their job shadowing experience, which can be hands-on, observational, or a combination of both.

The program provides hosts with an opportunity to identify talent for internship and employment opportunities, mentor the next generation of professionals in their field, and build a relationship with UCF. Students learn about a career/industry, gain workplace experience, and build their professional network.

Steps to Host student(s):

  1. Register: Sign-up for the spring 2017 program by January 29, 2017. Questions about registering, please email
  2. Design your Job Shadow Experience: Consult sample agendas and your team to create a job shadowing experience(s).
  3. Host your Student(s): Provide students with a realistic view of your career field/industry.

There is no fee to participate. Students do not receive any compensation or academic credit through this program. For more information about the program, please see the Resources section on the right side of this page or email