How to Prepare for a Career Event

Before the Event

  • Research, Research, Research! Research information about specific companies attending the event.
  • Focus your job search; identify what you want in a job and company.
  • Update and target your resume.
  • Dress for success! Professional attire is encouraged at Career Events!
    • Dark colored, conservative suit
    • Pants or skirt suit – skirt should be appropriate length
    • Light colored dress shirt with undershirt or light colored blouse
    • Avoid lace, ruffles, and shiny fabrics
    • Simple patterned tie
    • Polished dress shoes/matching dark socks or closed-toe shoes with a conservative heel
    • Well-groomed hairstyle
    • Subtle make-up & jewelry
  • Leave the following items at home:
    • Cell phones
    • Excessive cologne or jewelry
    • Bad manners / negativity
    • Friends and family
    • Inappropriate language
    • Controversial views or offensive topics
  • Anticipate and practice possible questions.
  • Prepare a one-minute script about yourself, like this example:”Hello, my name is Jane. I am a senior majoring in Advertising/Public Relations. Last summer I completed an internship in the advertising division of Frito Lay. I am interested in broadening my experience and I read that your company is embarking on a new advertising campaign for the next quarter.”

At the Event

  • Arrive early
  • Bring a number of updated resumes
  • Check in at Career Services table for an event map and a nametag
  • Collect a business card from interesting employers
  • Use your one-minute script about yourself to start conversations with employers

"Students who don't know what we do, that's a deal-breaker."

-UCF Employer of Choice