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Career Services

Need help navigating large career fairs like the Career Expo? Career Fair Plus is a full-featured iPhone or Android app that puts the power to prepare for fairs in your hands. Download from the App Store or Google Play store.

Employers: if you are interested in registering for an event, register for it in KnightLink!

Career Readiness Week

Held in the fall and spring prior to each Career Expo, Career Readiness Week provides students with the opportunity to meet with employers and learn more about resumes, interviewing and other career prep topics. Employers are available to critique resumes and offer practice interviews, Lunch and Learns and other workshops are available all week long. This event is designed to better prepare students for success at Career Expo. Students are encouraged to sign-up in advance, all employer meetings will need an RSVP via KnightLink.

Career Expo

Held in the fall and spring, this event provides the opportunity for employers to discuss internship, career, and employment opportunities with UCF students and alumni.

Statewide Job Fair

Joint effort from all Florida universities to provide the opportunity to Florida students to meet with employers and discuss internship, career, and employment opportunities.

Sociology Career Day

Held in the Spring, this event allows government and nonprofit organizations to discuss career and employment opportunities with UCF students/alumni who are interested in careers in those fields. Approximately 200 students and 20 organizations attend this annual event, which is a collaboration between the College of Sciences, Department of Sociology, and Career Services.

Education Career Fair

Held in the fall and spring, this event provides the opportunity for district and private schools to meet with UCF teacher candidates regarding employment opportunities.

Majors Fair

The Majors Fair is an annual event that provides students an opportunity to explore the many academic areas of study offered at UCF, along with the chance to meet faculty and advisors representing these program areas. Students are able to declare a major or change majors during this event. This is a great opportunity for students whether they are undecided, contemplating, or they simply want more information about their major.

Graduate & Professional Schools Fair

Provides students wanting to study beyond their bachelor’s degree the opportunity to meet with representatives of graduate, law and professional schools nationally and abroad.

Externship Program

The Externship Program, held during the winter and spring breaks, offers students the opportunity to shadow an employer in their professional area of interest to learn more about the career field as well as the organizations culture, products and services.

Nonprofit and Public Service Career Showcase

Held in the spring, this event provides nonprofit & public service organizations with the opportunity to discuss career, hands on experience, and employment opportunities with UCF students and alumni.

Why volunteer? Volunteering is a great way to enrich your future. There are many benefits to volunteering, including:

  • Career exploration opportunities
  • Exposure to new and emerging occupations and professions
  • Develop leadership skills and experience
  • Networking opportunities, make new friends and social contacts
  • Chance to be creative and identify with a cause
  • Identify with a cause
  • Be a resource and a mentor
  • Learn about community
  • Use your skills and experience

If you would like to volunteer for events, simply print a form below, complete it, and return the form to the Career Services office.