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Faculty Outreach Resources

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues:

We are excited to introduce our online resource library webcourse Career Services Toolkit for Faculty & Staff!

Career Services Toolkit for Faculty & Staff

This webcourse will serve as a hub for career development related materials that focus on five most commonly requested career development subjects. As an enrolled particpant, faculty and staff will be able to download files, view sample activities and assignments, review and access lesson plan presentations, and connect to Career Services.

The course Home Page will provide links for:

  • Faculty’s Syllabus Statement Resources
  • Toolkit Modules
  • FAQ’s and Additional Resources

There are five Toolkit Modules available. Each module contains a lesson plan for your reference, a topic presentation, and three example assignments along with activities to choose from for student projects.

The course Modules include:

  • Career Services Overview: Who are we, what do we do, and what resources can we offer to assist your students’ career development
  • Major & Career Exploration: Understanding the value of self-assessment and how it relates to major and career decision-making
  • Resumes: Learning how to build a winning resume that highlights individual strengths, experiences, and accomplishments relevant to a student’s career goal
  • Interviewing Skills: Review effective tips and strategies to successfully prepare for a variety of interview types and questions
  • Job Search Strategies: Discover how to effectively search for jobs and internships effectively and how to connect to employers

Benefits to you:

  • Quick and easy access to materials that will assist in the professional development of your students
  • Detailed example assignments that are easy to integrate into your curriculum
  • Fully developed PowerPoints to present to your students or share as a webcourse module
  • Direct support from Career Services

Click here to get started: