Lockheed Martin Work Experience Program

The UCF Lockheed Martin College Work Experience Program (CWEP) allows undergraduate and graduate students to gain real-world work skills and abilities relevant to their academic and career goals. CWEP is a unique, year-round paid opportunity to have hands-on learning experiences.


Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 125,000 people worldwide. Lockheed Martin is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems and more.
CWEP is a 2 (consecutive) semester long program that is open to both undergraduates and graduate students. CWEPs are expected to work between 12-25 hours per week (Monday-Friday). The CWEP Program is a paid opportunity for students in which pay is based off of class standing and the specific position assigned.
*Students will not earn academic credit for participating in the College Work Experience program as this is not a “for credit” program. Students are NOT permitted to hold other paid positions on campus while participating in the program.
-Be a U.S. Person approved for work in the United States. U.S. Person means: a U.S. citizen; or a permanent resident of the United States ("Green Card" holder); or an individual who is granted status as a "protected person" under 8 U.S.C. § 1324b(a)(3)
  • Some positions require a Department of Defense (D.O.D.) secret clearance. Eligibility for a D.O.D. clearance includes holding US citizenship and a passing a background check
-Be enrolled as a full-time student at UCF for Fall and Spring Semesters. You do not need to be enrolled in classes during the summer to apply
  • Example: Undergraduate = 12 credits and Graduate= 9 credits. (We do accept applications from Evening MBA students)
-GPA requirement: 2.8 overall
  • Must maintain a 2.8+ throughout the duration of the program
-Work 12-25 hours per week
-Commit to at least 2 consecutive semesters with the program (this criterion includes Summers as consecutive semesters)
-Students must agree to background screening and urine drug screening. Students must understand and agree that no person with a positive drug test will be assigned to work at Lockheed Martin facilities.
-Students must have completed one semester at UCF
  • Click on the following link: APPLY TO CWEP
  • Log in using your Handshake account using your Knights email/password.
  • Scroll down to the “Jobs” section on the “CWEP - UCF/Lockheed Martin College Work Experience Program” employer page and view all the available job postings.
  • Select the job(s) that interest you and apply by clicking “Apply Externally”. We recommend applying to all the positions you are interested in and eligible for.
  • Complete the job application(s) in the Careers at UCF system
  • Once your application has been submitted, reviewed and processed you will be sent a confirmation email. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements will also be notified via email.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for a status on your application.
*All last semester seniors interested in being considered for the Lockheed Martin Work Experience Program must submit a copy of the letter of acceptance to a UCF Graduate Program. Application and resume will not be accepted without this document.*
Now is not the time to let our guards down. The same best practices that helped us flatten the curve this spring are critical now.
They include:
  • Wearing face coverings indoors and outdoors
  • Continued physical distancing (6 feet away)
  • Frequent and proper hand-washing
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Staying home and away from others if you are sick
Testing: UCF COVID-19 Testing Center
Current CWEPs:
-For the safety of the students and Lockheed Martin workforce, there is no plan to return CWEP students onsite anytime soon, so all CWEPs must continue to work virtually 100% of the time until further notice
-Students who were suspended due to their positions not being conducive to telecommuting can only be reinstated if their positions allow for 100% telecommuting.
-Are internal transfers still possible during COVID? If so, what are the necessary steps and documentation to achieve this?
-Internal transfers are still possible if participants have completed their 2 semester long requirement. Transfers are may granted once the 2 semesters have been completed and with approval from their current manager. Please contact cwep@ucf.edu to request the Internal Transfer form. The form will need to be signed by both the CWEP and their manager and then emailed back to our office to review. (Signed/approved forms does not necessarily guarantee a transfer to another department since it depends on what positions are available at the time.)
Prospective CWEPs:
-We are currently hiring for 100% virtual positions at this time.
-If chosen for an interview:
  • Interviews will be conducted either over the phone or through video call
-If hired for the program:
  • Once normal operations resume, students will need to bring their original documents within 3 business days to the UCF Career Services building (located on Memory Mall). Prior to coming to campus, ALL students will need to use the COVID-19 checker.

How long does it take to hear for an interview?

The time varies and there is no set answer since the time frame is largely dependent on supply and demand of the CWEPs needed.
What are some tips to increase my chances of receiving an interview/offer?
  • Visit the UCF Career Services website to schedule an appointment to have your resume critiqued and reviewed prior to your application submission and/or interview.
  • Schedule a mock interview/practice interview with a Career Counselor
Question not answered here?
Please contact us by email at cwep@ucf.edu
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Hear from CWEPs themselves:

Being part of the Lockheed Martin/UCF College Work Experience Program is an amazing opportunity for students to get a “foot in the door” and learn for themselves what working in industry really means. I’ve been able to work in the Advanced Rotary Wing and Ground System during my time as a CWEP and I wouldn’t trade it for any other opportunity. This experience doesn’t just foster the career skills you need to succeed in your future by giving you real tasks that actually mean something and have very real deadlines, it also develops personal skills that you won’t get from sitting in a lecture.

 – Thomas Greco

The CWEP program that UCF offers to its students is an incredible opportunity to gain real-world professional experience while still being able to expand our educational lenses both in and out of the classroom. Upon being selected by a team lead at Lockheed, I was brought onto the Engineering Process Group (EPG) team based in the Research and Development facility. I have also learned new tools and practices of the trade as I begin my journey as a software engineer, and I owe my beginnings to my amazing bosses and everyone in the CWEP program.

– Nathaniel Lyra

Questions about CWEP?

E-mail cwep@ucf.edu

Erica Bodin

Title Program Coordinator
Phone 407-823-2742
E-mail Erica.Bodin@ucf.edu

Karen Minor-Steven

*Current CWEP inquiries only
Title Administrative Assistant
E-mail karen.minor-steven@lmco.com

Shiloh Van Der Laan

Title Office Support Assistant
Phone 407-823-1366
Email shiloh.vanderlaan@ucf.edu

Mark Greenwood

Title Program Manager
Email mark.i.greenwood@lmco.com